Arduino for Schools

Hi there, welcome to Arduino for Schools! This set of tutorials will get you to master all the tips and tricks of the Arduino in no time, being you a complete beginner or an expert just checking if he got everything. Right now you might be asking yourself:

What in the world is an Arduino!?

Well, an Arduino is basically a super powerful and modifiable group of switches.

This is an Arduino

Wait... Switches?

Yes, almost like the switches you have in your house to turn the lights ON or OFF, but instead of pushing a button to turn it ON or OFF you use code to say when you want it to be ON or OFF.

Code? You mean those 4 numbers I put in my phone to unlock it?

Not really. This is computer code, computer code is written in programming languages to give instructions to a computer or, in this case, an Arduino.

Programming Languages?

Right, programming languages are sets of words and syntaxes (mainly like your phrasal structure in English) that when used correctly, allows us to give instructions to a programmable machine. In this case, the Arduino uses a programming language called C++, a 33 year old language (that's like a code mummy) but because it is a bit old, it had a lot of time to be improved. You can read more about C++ here and about programming languages in here.

Alright, I got that part, but as far as I remember I don't speak computish.

Don't worry about that! I'll teach you how to speak computish, but you'll need to take a look at some keywords first, so let's get started with that!



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